Why Quote?

Do you ever quote? Why quote? What is worth quoting and why? These are all good questions of which the answers are in the mind of the quoter.

Do I know any quotable quotes worth quoting? Another good question! I know some quotes that I quote a lot and I think have a lot of value. Does that make them worth quoting? :-)

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Are You Right When You Admit You’re Wrong?

re you ever wrong and have a “hard-time” admitting it? If you answered yes to the previous question, then why do you have such a difficult time? Is it normal to not ever be wrong? Of course not. Is it normal to not everbe right? Of course not. Is it normal to be normal? Of course! :-)

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Why Focus On Yourself?

A discussion about self-esteem and the need to focus on yourself.

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Do You Think In A Fuzzy Manner?

A discussion of the value of fuzzy logic.

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How Can I CREATE (A Solution To A Problem)?

A discussion about the creative process and how to learn how to do it.

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Should Egocentric Become A “Broken Eggocentric?”

A different view of ego, egocentricity and other related problems of our thinking.

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