Erik G Rogers

In memory of Erik — He lived a good and passionate life

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Erik (39 years old, May 2011)

Erik Glen Rogers (1971 – 2011)

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Click HERE to visit Erik G Rogers.Wordpress.Com  (A site that was created for the purpose of sharing information and thoughts from the time of Erik’s accident to the celebration of his life.)

Click HERE to visit What Does “Sonshine” Mean?  (Ron Rogers’ blog post for Erik. The post was originally published on Apr. 8, 2010. It is a tribute from father-to-son that he read and liked.)

Click HERE to visit Erik Growing Up (Pictures)  

Click HERE to visit Erik And The Secret Cajun Band (Music) 

Click HERE to visit The Celebration of Erik G. Rogers’ Life (A page containing access to pictures and videos of the celebration-of-life for Erik.)

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