How Can I Create A Creative Me?

"Let's see, how can I create a creative me?"

Last year, a close friend and I were walking and she made a comment about wanting to learn how to paint using watercolors. She also said that she has never been able to create a painting that is good. After talking about all of the creative things she wanted to do, but never did, she then summarily stated: “I simply am not creative!”

"I'm an impressionist artist, are you impressed?"

I responded by saying that I thought creativity could be learned, and if one’s standards for a creative endeavor, like painting, were lowered, then that person could create a good painting. I used examples of impressionism and cubism which, from my point of view, have standards that allow the result to not look like a photo of the model used for the painting. Also, in reference to standards, I think the artist should set her/his own standards. This is especially true when the artist is creating for her/himself.

Creative people are not born creative. In other words, I don’t think the nature-part of us dictates our creativity, but I do think the nurture-part plays a role. Children, who are raised in an environment which stifles their creativity by forcing them to live up to unreasonable standards, will tend to think they aren’t able to create art. They will not attempt to create, therefore exemplifying the old adage of, “use it or lose it.” They don’t use their creative thinking and therefore, lose it! :-(

Creativity requires us to use our creative mind. Think of the creative mind as a muscle. If you don’t use a muscle, it will become weak and eventually, will be unable to perform as it normally would. We all know that exercising our muscles make them stronger. The same is true for our “creative mind.”

So, what should we do in order to become a painter, musician, sculptor, builder, writer, cook, dancer, etc….? Well, one thing we shouldn’t do is nothing. The best way to become more creative is to create. Generate lots of ideas and decide, using your own standards, which ones to keep. Break a routine and do something differently.

How do you exercise your creative mind? One way is to get a brush, some watercolor and a surface to paint on and paint!

Generally, creativity means change and doing something in a different way. In other words, lots of BS! Now, I know what you are most likely thinking when I used BS. No, it doesn’t mean BullS**t, but instead, BrainStorming. :-)

So, what should you do if you want to paint a picture using watercolor? Get a brush, some watercolor and a surface to paint on and PAINT! Simple? Yes, if you can obtain the materials AND the “creative brain-muscle.”

How can I create a creative me? Well, one way is to become more creative.

How do I become more creative? Exercise my creative mind!

How do I exercise my creative mind? One way is to get a brush, some watercolor and a surface to paint on and paint! :-)

Do you want to exercise your creative mind? Create a comment for this post. :-)

3 Comments on “How Can I Create A Creative Me?”

  1. Right brain / Left Brain.

    Neither is good or bad, and we have both, with one usually being dominant.

    Mind Mapping, is a non-linear, visual, brain storming tool that brings together both halves of the brain.

    Software makes it much easier to use and edit.

    Try it to find that creative part of YOU.

    Thanks for the Post, Ron!


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