How Can I Be Happy? – Part 2


Recently, I posted a blog entitled, “How Can I Be Happy?” In the posting, I proposed a plan for happiness that involved finding happiness in the life we have and not thinking that happiness will find us in the future. Let’s revisit this subject of happiness and add another point of view.

We all know that, to some extent, we are affected by the environment around us. Therefore, we need to be careful not to allow what goes on around us to affect our happiness. In other words, our happiness should not depend on our environment.

If we aren’t careful, we will find that our environment will determine how we feel on the inside. When everything is going well on the outside, then we feel good, happy, positive, etc. But, if the smallest negative thing happens in our environment, then we are immediately unhappy. We then become a victim and allow the environment to have control of our lives. But, do we have a choice? Are we victims because we have chosen to be that way?

Now, we could turn all of this into a positive. If we are having problems, then use them as a positive. How, you ask? Well, a Thomas Blandi quote comes to mind, “If you are not having problems, you are missing an opportunity for growth.” You see, we could turn a problem in to a “happy” growth experience. In other words, we need to take charge of how we respond and what we do, when these environmental problems occur.

So, this sounds nice, but, really, what is a simple approach to solving this “happiness” problem?  Let’s consider the only thing we have complete control of — what goes on inside of our minds. I have often used the quote, “to change everything, simply change your attitude.” I define attitude as “a person’s mental feeling.” I think we can change how we feel mentally. This is not easy, but it is feasible.

It is important for each of us to take charge of what we think. We should take charge of what we tell ourselves, therefore, giving us the opportunity to see setbacks as temporary instead of permanent. We should look at problems as opportunities to grow. As we view our problems as opportunities to grow, we develop an inner strength to bounce back from any obstacle and an incredible strength from standing up to adversity.

Happiness is something that only you are responsible for. Have you ever said, “I make me happy?” I realize that it sounds a bit vain to say that, but really, how can we depend on outside influences to make us happy, and at the same time, be a fulfilled and happy human being? It’s a gamble and why gamble with life?

These are just my thoughts – what are yours?



1 Comments on “How Can I Be Happy? – Part 2”

  1. An incredibly common-sensical post that I think many could learn from. Being our OWN Master and Commander is a concept that is lost on many, especially in the social realm of the United States. The path of least resistance is and will be a very commonly-tread avenue, but for those that decide to jump out of the all-too-often lock-stepped nature of of ancestors, there is true glee to be found in making your OWN way.


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