Who Should Promote You?

self pro 2Do you know what I don’t like about blogging? It’s having to promote yourself! Yes, it seems that, in order to have any success at this (I really am unsure of what “success” is), I must work at promoting myself. I know, I know, I have stated many times that I’m writing for learning. Well, I am. That doesn’t mean that when I write and publish, I don’t need someone other than myself to read it. Sometimes my wife will read it before publishing and help with the editing. I appreciate her input, but at the same time, I must admit that I want others to read and/or comment. Oh, well.

Recently, my wife and I saw Julia and Julie, a movie about Julia Child and a woman named Julie Powell, who wrote a blog for one year while she made every recipe in Child’s book, Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Since I’m blogging, I found the part of the story where Julie was writing, publishing to her blog and wondering if anyone was reading it, most interesting and very relevant. Like in the movie, I often wonder if anyone is reading this. I do get around ten visits a day, but what is the quality of each visit? What I mean is, what are the people doing after they arrive at the site of the blog? Are they reading or moving on? I guess that is why comments make the blogger feel so good. I feel if someone comments, then s/he has read it. I know that is not necessarily true, but it’s what we bloggers hope is true.

So what should we bloggers do? Promote ourselves? Yes, I guess so, but how? Should I, for example, send an e-mail to everyone in my address book after every posting and ask them to please read my latest? Well, actually I have done that on a smaller scale. By smaller scale, I mean I have sent an e-mail advertising a posting to a select group from my address book that I thought might be interested. That’s fine and it did increase the number of hits I got for that posting, but I don’t think I should “over do” it. Another way I have been promoting myself is to have the following signature on every e-mail I send.

Visit my blog and/or website

Blog R2




self pro 1The two methods of promoting myself, an e-mail about a particular posting to those in my address book and having the above signature on all e-mails I send are good, but not necessarily reaching a broad audience. After three months of blogging, I joined the St. Louis Bloggers Guild and thought that might be a way to promote myself. Actually, that is not the reason I joined. To be honest, I wanted to be a part of a community of bloggers. After being a member for awhile, I now think I joined a group whose purpose is to promote all of the current social media. Even though the logo for the guild states, “Promoting & Protecting St. Louis Bloggers,” I don’t see a big emphasis on the community of bloggers, but instead, an emphasis on Web 2.0 and  social media. Please don’t take that as a negative, just simply imply the obvious, that the guild is not only about bloggers. Oh, well!

Who should promote you? YOU! The “you” is definitely plural and all of us are a part of YOU!

How about a comment to promote YOU.  :-)grab-small-r21

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