Is Your Brain Responsible For Your Thinking?

Is the brain or mind responsible for this perception?

Is there a difference between your physical brain and  your thinking? Does your mind do your thinking? Does your brain do your thinking? Does your brain contain your mind? Is your brain contained “within” your mind?

Satire on George IV in support of Queen Caroline, his estranged wife. The new king spent much of the lead up to his coronation trying to get rid of her. Date: 1820

Honestly, I don’t know the correct answer to any of the above questions and I don’t think that the important part of understanding your thinking depends upon it. You see, from my point of view, “the brain” is like the dynamic world we live in.

Your world changes and your brain changes. How does your world change? How does your brain change? The answer to both is, “Your world/brain changes when (the) part(s) of it change.” What are the parts of your world? Everything that affects you. What are the parts of your brain. Everything that affects it. Maybe I should replace “it” with “you” in the previous sentence. If I did, then your world contains your brain AND your brain contains your world. Now that I think about it, that’s true. How could my world not contain my brain? How could my brain (from a thinking perspective) not contain my world. All of this is, from my point of view, an example of combining: Buddha’s We are what we think , Shakespeare’s  Thinking makes it so , & DesCartes’ I think, therefore I am!

Ok, so what about the question posed in the title: “Is your brain responsible for your thinking?” Well, I do believe that your brain is the receiver of the mind. In other words, the mind, whatever and wherever it is, has a “thing” that receives information, memory recall, reasoning, etc. and that thing is the brain. This is only my paradigm for helping me make sense of the relationship between the brain, mind and thinking. Of course, you might have a “paradigm shift,” therefore causing your way of thinking about the relationship to be completely different. Paradigm or a paradigm shift, it doesn’t matter as long as you “mind your thinking.” :-)

My mind says I’m holding my brain!

So, is your brain responsible for your thinking? Well, suppose you die. When you’re dead, your brain will soon not exist. What about your thinking? For the sake of discussion, let’s say that our thinking is in our mind. When we die, so does our brain. If our brain is the thing that “receives” our thinking/mind, then it seems reasonable that something else could take its place.

Using a metaphor, we could think of the brain as a radio and thinking as a radio signal. When the radio is gone, the radio signal isn’t. Another radio (brain) can receive the signal (thinking). This metaphor also helps explain how some thinking is better than others. Different brains (radios) perform differently. Some (radios/brains) can receive weaker signals and clarify them better than others. Some have more power or stronger batteries than others. In other words, if our brain (radio) is of high quality, then it will be able to receive more and better signals (thinking/mind) than one of less quality.  Perhaps, this is how the thinking animal (human) has made so much progress over time.

Is it my brain or my mind that hurts so badly?

Is your brain responsible for your thinking? Yes, like a radio is responsible for receiving radio signals. The brain is “responsible” for receiving!

My brain and/or mind looks forward to receiving your comment. :-)

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