Shouldn’t We Turn Hope Into A Goal?

Take your thought of "hope" and make it a goal!

Recently, I wrote about hope. In the post, entitled, “Is Hope Worth Hoping For?,” I tried to explain why hope is not sufficient as a way of life. I also didn’t give many suggestions or any direction regarding what else we should do besides realize hope is insufficient. Hopefully this short post will shed some light on the darkness of just hoping. :-)

I think she is doing more than just hoping she will catch the bouquet!

Hope tends to be something we wish for and if we do nothing but hope/wish, then we will, most likely, end up with only the wish. Most people want their wishes to come true. Wishing or hoping is only a start. They are good, but then what?

When we hope, we are usually thinking about the future. We hope or wish for a special birthday present. Maybe we hope or wish for a new car. If all we do is hope or wish AND we get what we want, then we have what might be called a miracle. Perhaps, we got it because of a fairy godparent or an angel. It’s not my intent to change your thinking regarding what you believe or have faith in, but I believe, in general, it’s better to not leave one’s wishes and/or hopes depending on angels, fairies and/or miracles.

Should you hope for a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow OR make earning a pot of gold your goal?

So what should we do? Turn the hope or wish into a goal. Devise a plan that specifically illustrates how you are going to reach your goal. The word “goal” is used in various sports for a good reason. It describes the end result of a desired outcome. If we use football as an example, the word goal is used for a line that must be reached in order to score. When you are playing football, you hope/wish to reach the goal line in order to score. But just wishing or hoping will most likely not get you there. Instead, your team will huddle, devise a plan and then, attempt to accomplish your goal of getting to the goal line.

Hopefully, you can see my point. Goals are much more specific than hope or wishes. You start with hope, turn it into a goal, and then devise a plan for accomplishing your goal.


2 Comments on “Shouldn’t We Turn Hope Into A Goal?”

  1. so therefor is hope the same as a dream because you want your dreams to come true the good ones anyway because nightmares are the opisite you can turn dreams to reality if you work on them and make a plan so i suppose its the same


  2. I think dreams are a little different than hope. Hope is more like a desire where a dream is similar to “imagined.” Having stated that, I think your point about turning your dreams into reality, if you work on them, (make a plan, etc.) is a good and valid point.

    Thanks for your comment.


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