Is Social Media About Promoting Yourself?

The Gateway to Self-Promoting! :-)

Examples of Social Media that aren't necessarily blogs.

Is Social Media about promoting yourself? Now, by promoting, I mean: “to contribute to the growth or prosperity of…” Many of us are on facebook and Twitter. Some of us, including myself, have a blog. As I think about all of these different aspects of Social Media, I can’t help but think, in at least an indirect way, we are all promoting ourselves. Unfortunately, “promoting myself” seems like a negative thing to do. The expression seems too self-serving and reflecting egocentricity, even though I believe most of us who use social media don’t intentionally mean to be either – “too self-serving and/or egocentric.”

Well, guess what I don’t like about blogging? It’s feeling like I have to promote myself! Yes, it seems that in order to have any success at blogging (I really am unsure of what “success” is), I must continuously work at promoting myself. I know, I know, I have stated many times that I’m writing for learning! Well, I am. That doesn’t mean when I write and publish, I don’t need someone other than myself to read it. Sometimes my wife will read it before publishing and help with the editing. I appreciate her input, but at the same time, I must admit I want others to read and/or comment. Oh, well!

Julie and Julia, a movie based on a blog.

Last year, I saw Julia and Julie, a movie about Julia Child and a woman named Julie Powell, who wrote a blog for one year while she made every recipe in Child’s book, Mastering the Art of French Cooking. I think, because I’m also a blogger, I found the part of the story where Julie was writing, publishing to her blog and wondering if anyone was reading it, most interesting and very relevant. Like in the movie, I often wonder if anyone is reading this. I average about seventy-five visits a day, but what is the quality of each visit? What I mean is, what are the people doing after they arrive at the site of this blog? Are they reading or moving on? I guess that is why comments make the blogger feel so good. I feel if someone comments, then s/he has read it. I know that is not necessarily true, but it’s what we bloggers hope is true. :-)

So, what should we bloggers do? Promote ourselves? Yes, I guess so, but how? Should I, for example, send an e-mail to everyone in my address book after every posting and ask them to please read my latest? Well, actually I have done that on a smaller scale. By smaller scale, I mean I have sent an e-mail advertising a posting to a select group from my address book of which I thought might be interested in the post. That’s fine and it did increase the number of hits I got for that posting, but I don’t think I should “over do” it. Another way I have been promoting myself is to have the following signature on every e-mail I send.

R2 Thoughts 4U at:

I’ve also used other kinds of social media as a form of promotion. I tweet each new post on Twitter and put a link, along with an introduction, to each new post on facebook.

The four methods of promoting myself, an e-mail about a particular posting to those in my address book, having the above signature on all e-mails I send, Tweeting and posting on facebook are good, but not necessarily reaching a broad audience. After my first three months of blogging, I joined the St. Louis Bloggers Guild and thought that might be a way to promote myself. Actually, that wasn’t the real reason for my interest in the guild. To be honest, I wanted to be a part of a community of bloggers. Unfortunately, the St. Louis Bloggers Guild folded not too long after I joined. :-(

Mike Wilkerson, the creator of Bloggers Bug.

One of my fellow guild members, Mike Wilkerson, created a blogging site called Bloggers Bug soon after the Guild ended. Mike asked me to join and I became a member a year ago. It’s an interesting and good site which allows the reader access to a diverse collection of blogs. After becoming a member of Bloggers Bug, the member can post an entire or partial blog. When only a partial blog is posted, the reader is referred to the member’s personal blog which contains the entire post. I guess I should include Bloggers Bug as a fifth way in which I promote myself.

So, I suppose there is a strong element of Social Media that involves promoting yourself. Promoting such that it contributes to growth and prosperity of yourself. That sounds like a positive thing to do, now that I think more about it. Wow, this writing for learning is really working AND helping. Yea! :-)

Who should promote you? YOU! The “you” is definitely plural and all of us are a part of YOU!

How about a comment to promote YOU.  :-)

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