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What Value Are Tongue-Twisters?

What are tongue twisters? Generally, tongue twisters are phrases that are sensical, but difficult to articulate.

What value are tongue twisters? Well, if we want to improve articulation, then saying something that is difficult to articulate should be helpful. Saying tongue twisters to improve articulation is analogous to lifting weights to improve strength

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Is “Incorrect” English Ever Correct English?

I sent the following e-mail to some friends and relatives that contained a joke from which the humor was based on the way someone spelled and pronounced a name. The joke was sent to me by someone I knew only by name. My e-mail was designed to encourage a response to the joke, focusing on the importance of using “correct English” and providing different points of view for this posting.

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What’s Easy In The Big Easy?

What’s easy in the Big Easy? My wife and I spent three days and nights in New Orleans recently. While there, I couldn’t get out of my mind the words “Big Easy” and how/why it describes New Orleans. So, I went on a search for “easy” in the Big Easy. :-)

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May I Amuse Your Mind With Mind-Musings?

Do you enjoy mind-musings? Perhaps, you might want to know what mind-musings are. You see, I received quite a few e-mails during the past two years that have had in their titles the hyphenated word mind-musing(s).

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Do You Need Some Good Ideas For How To Be Successful In An Academic Classroom?

Recently, there has been a lot of media coverage about teachers, schools and/or education. Most of the coverage has been about financing education and changing the way teachers are valued. At least, that’s the way I view it. Jon Stewart, on the Daily Show, did a spoof on the subject. Stewart, in a sarcastic manner, how teaching and learning are valued as compared to Wall Street.

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Do We Respect Disrespect?

In today’s world, are we respecting those that are disrespectful? As I watch our political leaders, I wonder if their followers are respecting the disrespect that many of them show toward those who disagree with them. Many commercials seem to have disrespect as their main theme. And, consider the many sitcoms that constantly display people being disrespectful to each other.

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Are Your Beliefs Changeable?

I was at a social gathering where I participated in a discussion about what beliefs are and whether a person should change what s/he believes. We weren’t long into the discussion before the topic of religion came to the forefront. Immediately, the discussion became more of an argument or debate.

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Really, Can Less Be More?

Recently, I re-read a post from Pico Iyer’s contribution to the Happy Days blog on the New York Times. The post, as I see it, is about how frequently in life, “less is more.” Mr. Iyer did a nice job of relating this concept to his personal life. He described how he viewed his life when he was in the corporate world and compared it to a much simpler time while in Japan. I think his essay is worth reading and I encourage all to do so. Having stated that, my intent here is not to review or summarize his post, but to borrow an idea of his – the use of Zeno’s Arrow Paradox – and discuss how it could be used as a metaphor for better understanding our own lives.

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Does Your Happiness Depend Upon Being Right?

I once had a conversation with a person who made the following statement, “For my own happiness, it’s important that people think I’m right.” The statement made me pause and literally step back. I think the person has his personal happiness tied directly to whether or not he is right. Later, I asked him if he would rather be right or happy?

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Is Information From The Internet Bad When Not Accurate?

Last year, I received an e-mail from my sister in which she was forwarding something that was, supposedly, written by Andy Rooney. Here is an excerpt of what she sent.

“If you will take the time to read these. I promise you’ll come away with an enlightened perspective. The subjects covered affect us all on a daily basis: 

They’re written by Andy Rooney , a man who has the gift of saying so much with so few words. Enjoy…….

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