New Job!

Here we are at the beginning of another year (2009).  I am going to work for six weeks at a new job.  Actually, I am “retired,” but I’m not tired of working.  In fact, I’m not repeating tired-ness or any other meaning that I can give to the word retire.  What does “retired” mean?  That is a question I have been mulling over since I “retired” over eight years ago.  I still don’t have an answer.

My new six-week job is with a company that gathers assessment data for the federal government.  The company’s name is Westat .  The product of my work will be used to determine how well America’s 4th, 8th and 12th grade students are performing academically.  Random Sampling of those students will determine America’s progress through the use of tests and data analysis.

What do you think,  is it possible to assess American students and use the results for accurate comparison with other countries?

Just wondering!!!!!!


Hello world!

Welcome to R2!

This is my first post and acts as a “trial run” for my blog.  My blog represents an attempt by me to learn, through writing, what is is happening in our life.  I use the word “our” to emphasize that I am not in this alone.  In the future I plan on writing about many different topics and hopefully, having guest writing done by many of you.  In other words, this blog will, hopefully, contain the thinking of many.

Develop a yearning to write for learning! :-)


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