Why Am I A Survivor?

“Why am I a survivor?” is a question I’ve been asking myself a lot lately. The question was brought to the forefront when my son died recently. On the surface, I realize his death isn’t directly related to my survival. Having stated that, I understand the concern of many of the doctors, nurses and other professionals who ask me: “How are you doing?” They would often, outwardly, express their concern about the well-being of the loved-ones who survived. They warned me about the difficulties I would encounter when trying to answer the question: “Why am I a survivor?”

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When Is Celebrating Violence And Death Appropriate?

When our Navy seals attacked the compound where Osama bin Laden was living and killed him, along with three others, was it appropriate that some of us celebrated his death? Observing the celebration through the media, for some reason, resulted in me feeling uncomfortable. It didn’t seem right that we were celebrating as though we had just won World War 2. The killing of bin Laden, as our government has informed us, doesn’t mean we have won the war on terrorism. What does the killing of bin Laden and three others really mean?

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When Death Is Present, How Can I Be Present In The Present?

Recently, I helped plan a “Celebration Of Life” for a friend who had died. Though her death wasn’t sudden – she had battled cancer for many years – I wasn’t prepared for the over-powering feeling that her death had on me. I found it difficult to concentrate on living in the present when her presence was no longer with us.

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