New Year’s Eve


I wish all a Happy New Year.  2008 wasn’t that great (for some).  2009 will be sublime. :-)  I used the words great & sublime for the rhyme AND meaning.  Also, I suppose at this time in 2009 I want to be positive.

I had an interesting New Year’s Eve due primarily to the visit of my son and his friends.  We spent a lot of time playing Wii.  As a local columnist wrote recently,  the Wii put the we in our holiday.  I bowled, played tennis, played baseball and golf.  Generally, I was the loser but losing did not cause me to enjoy the evening any less.

One of my son’s friends has a blog and website that I would recommend all to visit.  She writes in a clear and concise manner that allows the reader to come away with an informed point of view.  I’ll let you judge the value but in my opinion, she has possible solutions to many of the problems encountered by people trying to be successful in today’s economy.

Meanwhile, as a reader, I thank you for reading this.  I am learning how to use the wordpress blog website and know that there still is much of the learning curve that I have to climb.


2 Comments on “New Year’s Eve”

  1. Ron-
    I really like your approach to your blog. Being open to detail what happens in your daily interaction with the world is quite exciting to read. Thanks for the nice compliment and I wish you much success with your newly create blog. Congrats!



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