Poetry And Obama

Let’s have a poem for the new year.  Well, not necessarily a poem pertaining to the new year but a short poem to start our poetic expression off to a good emotional start. :-)

I read recently that President-Elect Obama is a fan of poetry.  I think having a president that appreciates poetry and in fact, reads it, is a plus for our nation.  There is more to any part of life than the unemotionally logical aspect.  Hurray for Obama and our country.  What a refreshing change.  Just my opinion, of course.

Back to the poem.  My new one for today and year is:

Love Is Now!

Yesterday’s love is like yesterday’s hug -only a memory.

Tomorrow’s love is like tomorrow’s hug -only a dream.

Love is present – a gift that only can be given in the present.

Love is now!

As you can read, the poem is about love.  I like to think of love in terms of poetry.  How about you?


2 Comments on “Poetry And Obama”

  1. Dear Sir,

    Your poem is truly good. Let’s have more of those.


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