Poetry – Father, Mother and Dad


The 1st picture, above and on top, was taken when I was two and with my Mother and Father.  The 2nd picture was taken when my sister was two (I’m not in the picture) and with my Mother and Dad (step-father).  The 1st picture  was taken approximately seven years before the 2nd one. Yes, that’s a cigarette in her hand. :-)


One of my recent comments asked for more poetry.  I have one that I would like to share.

Many years ago I wrote a poem about my parents.  It was written five years after my last living parent, my mother, died.

My father died when I was five years old and my mother remarried.  Therefore, I have had two “Dads” and one Mom.  My poem was an attempt to emotionally describe my thoughts regarding these three important people in my life.  Note that in the poem I refer to three parents — Father, Mother and Dad.  Dad is my step-father.

Some background regarding this poem. I wrote this poem in 1994 after my father, step-father and mother had died. My father died in 1951, my step-father in 1971 and my mother in 1989. On the five-year anniversary of my mother’s death this poem was created.

by Ron Rogers 10/16/94

When my father died I was very young,
And my mother told me while yet my tongue,
Let out so little noise of weep and sorrow,
I thought today was no different than tomorrow.

When my dad died I was young in years,
And my mother told me while yet my ears,
Heard much about the noise of sorrow,
I thought today was less than tomorrow.

When my mother died I was working fine,
And my sister told me while yet my mind,
Felt much about the loss and sorrow,
I thought today was made for tomorrow.

When tomorrow arrived I was here today,
And myself told me while yet I pray,
That so little is known about my sorrow,
For I thought today was my tomorrow.


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