Philoptochos And Charity

philoRecently, I attended a meeting of a philanthropic organization called St. Nicholas Philoptochos Society that is organizing a fashion show for the purpose of lending support for Autism Speaks. Why I am writing about this? Well, as I was sitting in the meeting it occurred to me that numerous meetings such as this are taking place almost everyday for many, many different reasons. Why do we, as humans, do philanthropic work?

What is in “human nature” that results in so many good deeds done for those in need? At the before-mentioned meeting I witnessed many attendees express great emotion – hoping to influence the decisions and have the fashion show “go their way.” All of the attendees were engaged in the meeting. No one was drifting or not concerned. Having been a teacher in my past, I could only wish that my students were as involved as those at the meeting. And the purpose? To do something for someone in need.

Why do we do these things as humans? What is it in us that causes us to do such things?

What do you think?


2 Comments on “Philoptochos And Charity”

  1. I think every human being has the desire to connect with others. Giving of oneself makes us feel like we’ve really accomplished something not for ourselves, but for the betterment of mankind. Deep down I believe (call it a romantic look on life) that each person is ready to help their neighbor, however it’s often judgement, anxiety or even fear of failure that holds us back. I commend you on attending the philanthropic meeting and encourage you to tell us more about how the fashion show turns out. Take pictures and share with us.

    All the best to you and your efforts!!


  2. I thank Sarah of Dog Eared Pages for the insightful comment. Good “food for thought.”


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