Hunting, College and Dad

My First Guest Writer

Rich Burnett, the author of the following “guest blog” is a friend of mine from college. We were, in those days, hunters by necessity. We would hunt and bring the game home for a good meal that evening. Some of the best meals I had while in college were those made after a successful hunt. When you read what Rich has written you may want to know more about his Dad.  He has written an interesting book about his Dad and can be read by going to the site “Reamy George Burnett – “Slim”, A Brief History Including Ancestors and Descendants (1802 – 2000). I thank Rich for contributing as a guest writer.

The following is submitted by Rich Burnett, guest writer

Reading Ron’s R2 blog got me remembering old times. Ron and I were close during our four years at Truman State. Both avid hunters, we located a place 10 miles from Kirksville and spent many a winter day hunting rabbits and quail. Ron had an old single shot 12 gage with a 36″ barrel and a back sight. He would carry 2 extra shells in his hand, just under the grip. More than once, I saw him get off three shots at a rising covey, and bring down 3 birds. Quite a feat with a single shot, ‘course that old 36″ gun would shoot a half mile.

Thinking about our fine hunting times and also Ron’s comments about his Dad, caused me to remember a story about my Dad as well, which I’ll share here. The reader may know Ron lost his Dad when Ron was only five, I was fortunate to have mine all thru my growing up years. Anyway, here is a story about my Dad (Slim)slim1
Daddy loved hunting and he had a knack for training dogs and always kept a good squirrel dog, one of the last ones was Rachel, an Airedale he got from the local Humane Shelter. Once when Mel Reese, my brother’s nephew came down to hunt with him, and after they had shot a fine mess of squirrels, Mel said, “That is a mighty fine squirrel dog. I believe that if she would only bark when she treed a squirrel that she would be the best squirrel dog I have ever seen.” Daddy replied, “That dog is awful smart. She knows I can’t hear so there ain’t no need of barking.”

Rich Burnett

“Ride slow, it’s about the trail, not the end of it.”

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  1. Nice article, Rich. I believe I read it before but enjoy reading it again. Your love of family touches us all. Peace.


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