Love And Time Poem?


Love And Time

Love is a quality

Time is a quantity

Love is a qualitative piece of eternity

Time is a quantitative piece of eternity

Should love be timed?

Should time be loved?

I’m thinking there is a connection between love and time.  The “poem” above gives you an idea of what I mean.  I put the word “poem” in quotes to emphasize that I’m not comfortable in declaring that it is a poem.  Verbiage, statements, rambling, etc. might be better descriptions, but for now, I think I will call it poetry.

Now let’s dive deeper into love and time.  There is a short story entitled “Love And Time” that shows how love and other feelings we humans have can be metaphorically viewed. The last line declares that only time is capable of understanding how valuable love is.  How true.

From my point of view, being a person who is beyond mature, time truly has given me the understanding of how valuable love is.  As a child, I saw love as a “feel-good” emotion.  I now see love as an emotion that I only understand with the passing of time AND that for love to be true it must be tested with time.

Perhaps Laura Nyro said it best in her song Time And Love .  She sang that “nothing cures like time and love.”  If it takes time to have true love and love is, at least in my opinion, a good and “curing” emotion, then indeed, I have the answers to my questions.

Should love be timed?  YES!

Should time be loved?  YES!



2 Comments on “Love And Time Poem?”

  1. Nice thought Ron, Love and Time. Now consider this.

    Live life (or love) in such a way that the cost of your day (time used) is worth the price that you pay (time spent).



  2. Rich,

    Very thought provoking. Now, let’s see.

    “I’ll love in such a way that the time I love is the love I time.”

    At least I’ll have a quantifiable love in terms of time.

    I guess I won’t be able to say I’ll love forever.

    Or is forever quantifiable? :-)


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