The Art of Tim Smith

medrwingeyesopened-1-13-16x-1-13-16Tim Smith

Tim Smith, a friend of mine, is an artist.  I write and say this because I think/know he is an artist. What’s an artist?  One definition that I saw recently is: an artist is a person whose creative work shows sensitivity and imagination. Well, yes, but aren’t sensitivity and imagination relative?  Oh, who cares, Tim is an artist.

I have helped him set up a website so he could show some of his work. Because of my work on the site, I have had the opportunity to spend a lot of time looking at the pictures he put on the site. They show some of his work or better put, his artistic demonstrations.

Below is a picture of a caricature he drew with the model holding it. I was showing this to a person recently and he immediately said, “that is very good.”  I asked why and he said, “the caricature is so interesting – interesting and appealing.”  I agree.  And, I think he shows great sensitivity in his work.  To see more go to Tim’s Caricatures.


Another element that I admire about Tim’s art is his use of imagination.  Below is a picture of his “cube chairs.”  You can see and read more about them by clicking on CHAIRS.

4-images-of-cube-chairIf the definition of an artist is a person whose creative work shows sensitivity and imagination then Tim is an artist.

One more example of the artistic work that Tim does is near and dear to me.  A year ago I asked Tim to sketch a picture of my grand-daughter.  He did the following sketch from a picture that I gave him.  What sensitivity!

The picture on the left is what he worked from and the one on the right is a scan of the finished product. I can’t emphasize enough that the scanned picture on the right, of his portrait, does not do it justice.



You can get a little more about art from Tim’s point of view by reading his comment on R2.

What is an artist?  What do you think?


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