The Obama Effect!


We now have a new president.  Barack Obama is our 44th president and a “breath of fresh air.” The election of Obama reminds me of when Bill Clinton was elected to his first term.  I had such high hopes for our country and for the most part, they were realized.  We, as a country, were better off financially and better off morally.  By morally, I mean our moral standing in the world.

So much has changed since 2000.  After 9/11 we had the out-pouring of good will from throughout the world.  We took that good will and over the past seven years, shoved it down the world’s throat.  Ouch!

So what is this “Obama Effect?”  I’m not referring to the Bradley Effect/Obama Effect that was discussed last Fall by many in the media.  I think it is this feeling of hope and pride that many of us are feeling.  Hope that at last we have a leader that will do what he thinks is right for the country AND realizes that the country is all of us – not just the ones who gave him political capital.  This political capital thing is interesting. I must admit that I had never heard of it until 2004 when George W. Bush used it in a speech.

So, again, what is the Obama Effect?  It is the sense of country that we now have.  It is the feeling of optimism that we now have. It is the patriotism that we now know is justified.  It is the pride in country we now know is warranted.  It is ………………THE OBAMA EFFECT!

I would love for you to comment with your feelings and/or thoughts.


5 Comments on “The Obama Effect!”

  1. I must admit today has felt a lot like Independence Day to me. I walked down our street a few minutes ago and almost every house had an American flag on display. To me, it is just an interesting statement on the hope we are all searching for in the US. Thanks for your post and your thoughts!


  2. The “Obama Effect” is such an interesting topic.

    I’d like to make the point that it is possible that this effect may not be a direct result of the “man” himself.

    Yes, he is an exceptional speaker. Yes, he has abundant charisma and an encouraging demeanor. Yes, he is an inspiring figure who has changed history by the very act of being the first black man to be elected.

    He is, however still a man (human), still a politician (eek) and only holds limited power as far as our economic and political situation. I think most people understand that and do not have expectations of immediate improvement, and instead have focused on his long-term promised goal of “change”.

    It’s that change that created “The Obama Effect”. The change from having no hope to some hope; if for no other reason than the change itself. That’s why even those who voted for McCain or didn’t vote at all are also feeling The Obama Effect. Americans might not all agree on individual policy issues (deep ones like the war, gun control, abortion, & taxes)…but we pretty much all agree there MUST be a drastic change.


  3. Wow, what nice responses to this blog.

    Sarah, I thank you for the “Independence Day” analogy. Very insightful!

    Dena, I thank you for the point-of-view that is slightly different than mine but very deep. You point out that our new president is indeed, human and special. This ability he has of inspiring us to change our thinking is special. It’s been a long time a-coming.

    Thanks again and keep on commenting.



  4. Personally, I am reminded of Newton’s third law of motion. (action/reaction). Could the Obama effect really be just the other side of no more Bush 43?

    Also reminded of a line from that old Merle Haggard song, “Rainbow Stew”,

    “When a President goes through the White House door,
    An’ does what he says he’ll do.
    We’ll all be drinkin’ free bubble-ubb,
    Eatin’ that rainbow stew.

    Eatin’ rainbow stew in a silver spoon,
    Underneath that sky of blue.
    We’ll all be drinkin’ that free bubble-ubb,
    Eatin’ some rainbow stew.”

    Me, I’m going shopping for some Bubble-Up in a green bottle and a can of Rainbow Stew, :-)


  5. Personally, I am reminded of Newton’s third law of motion. (action/reaction). Could the Obama effect really be just the other side of no more Bush 43?

    I think this sums up my comment that it is the very idea, thought, hope (insert positive forward-moving word here) for something better, some change. The action was change of leadership, the reaction was “The Obama Effect”.

    Well put, Rich!


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