What’s An Easy Way To Give Much Needed Attention/Recognition?

We want recognition and/or attention!

We want recognition and/or attention!

When you want recognition, what do you do? When you want attention, what do you do? You DO want recognition and/or attention, at least once in awhile, don’t you? In case you are one of the few who don’t, then please use your best empathetic thinking to think about recognition/attention and those who want it.

As I think about recognition and attention, the first thing that comes to mind is the strong desire that children have for it. Is it recognition or attention, that children have a strong desire for? What’s the difference? Of course, you the reader, can direct your browser to the two hyperlinks in the previous sentence in order to read a Merriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary definition of each. But, what are the differences to those of us who do not always refer directly to a dictionary for the meaning of words?

This is our kind of recognition :-)

This is our kind of recognition :-)

Perhaps, little children seem to want attention more than recognition. They will misbehave, whine, throw a tantrum, etc. When they act inappropriately in that manner, do they want attention or recognition? Well, I guess they want you to give them recognition so they have attention. :-) When you recognize them, they feel they have your attention.

How about adults? Do they have the same needs that children do? Yes, I think so. On the other hand, they usually don’t act out in the same way. Instead of misbehaving, whining, and throwing a tantrum, they will become withdrawn and apathetic. This is what happens in a lot of relationships. Little recognition and attention results in one or more members of the relationship becoming withdrawn. Then, of course, there is less relating and less attention and less relating and less attention, ….

So what is an easy way to solve the problem of too little attention or recognition in a relationship? One small and simple way to help with the problem is to adopt the “lesson” behind a simple statement. Following the message of this statement assures that you are giving attention and recognition. What is that simple statement, you ask? It is: “Be Present In The Present!” When you are with the people you are relating with, actively look at and listen to them.

Be present in the present!

We are present in the present!

We are present in the present!

*Simple? Yes!

**Easy? Perhaps!

***Worthwhile for a healthy relationship? Absolutely!

Please consider giving me a present by presenting me with a comment in the present. :-)


2 Comments on “What’s An Easy Way To Give Much Needed Attention/Recognition?”

  1. I wasn’t going to leave a comment today, but your pandering in the last paragraph made it inevitable. :)

    As I am on the cusp of launching a prolific new audio podcast (The 2GuysTalking: DEXTER Podcast) and the launch of a Sprint-sponsored Video Podcast effort (The Interpreters ToolBox Podcast) I have to say that much of what I do comes from a sense of “wanting to be recognized” but also from the aspect of leaving some kind legacy not only for me but the people that knew me AND those that can still learn from me after I’m long gone.

    Over the many years I’ve been able to share in different ways on the web, the effort has always been to foster discussion, spur questions and give people their own opportunity to share in the same flavor – all while making some kind of contribution AND money on my part.

    I wish that I could find more people that have that same zeal, but am VERY satisfied that I’ve found the few that have seen a beacon of excitement and “that drive” to be something larger than you are and participated.

    Thanks for a great post and I look forward to your next one, Ron! Cheers!


  2. Thanks for the comment.

    I appreciate your sharing and caring that is constantly manifested through Facebook, BloggersBug and your site. I know you are involved in many new projects, such as the ones you mentioned in your comment. And, so much more…

    You, are also manifesting a polymath. The world is your canvas!

    But, “pandering?” :-)


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