Have You Entered The World Of Entropy?

Can Thinking Overcome Entropy?

Can Thinking Overcome Entropy?

“All things will pass.” “The only thing that doesn’t change is change itself.” “Nothing remains that’s not maintained.” The preceding quotes are all statements that I have used in the past. They all have to do with entropy. Entropy is a law of physics that asserts that all systems that are left unattended will eventually decay or “run down.” I think entropy applies to individuals and relationships. If I don’t maintain my body, it will breakdown. If I don’t maintain my marriage, it will breakdown. In fact, I’m finding it extremely difficult to find anything in my reality that entropy isn’t an integral part. What won’t “decay” if we don’t maintain it?

It seems to me that we can’t defeat entropy. At least, we can’t defeat it as a physical force. Having stated that, we should be able to rise to an expectation and realization that is untouched by entropy. You see, unless new energy is supplied, entropy will “win.” So if we want to continue to enjoy good lives, we must maintain them and pump new energy into them.

Do I Think OR Feel Lazy?

Do I Think OR Feel Lazy?

We are surrounded by creation and destruction. They constantly perform before us. I suppose this is one interpretation of Shakespeare’s statement of, “the world is a stage….” :-) In a way, I believe our thinking is immune to decay or entropy. Even though we are constantly making cells and losing cells, the intelligence our bodies use to make cells is always there. In other words, the knowledge of how to make a cell is passed on from one generation of cell to another. Wow, we have just left the world of entropy!

Is The Sun A Creating Or Destructing Force?

Is The Sun A Creating Or Destructing Force?

It is encouraging to think that we have at least some control over entropy. Of course, I’m talking about having control at the level of thinking. In fact, it’s there that we are able to change the things that are affected by entropy. Take, for example, trying to keep a healthy body. When we use our minds to rationalize how exercise and good eating habits help us keep healthy bodies, we find it much easier to overcome laziness and taste cravings that encourage entropy (an out-of-shape body).

Perhaps, this ability to rise above creation and destruction, gives us a way to break this “duality.” We don’t need to think in an either/or manner. We have more choices for life than creation or destruction. At least, we have one more choice – thinking! With our mind helping us maintain the elements in our life that are affected by entropy, we have a way out of the world of entropy.

So, if you have entered the world through the door of entropy, feel free to leave through the door of your mind. :-)grab-small-r21

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