When Should You Consider What You Aren’t?

Be careful what you visualize!

When should we consider what we aren’t?

This could be your reality!

Shouldn’t we always strive to know who we are? YES!

Shouldn’t we know our past and learn from it? YES!

Should we be truthful about ourselves? YES!

Should we live in the present? YES!

Ok, so what’s this all about? Well, I would like to present a time in which it would be valuable for all of us to consider what we aren’t. So when is that time and what should we do?

The time is anytime we are considering our past, our present and what we want our future to be. What we should do, is see ourselves as what we can become – as people with expanding self-images. We should each strive to develop into a person whose main focus is on what s/he can be tomorrow and not what s/he is today, or was yesterday.

Socrates: “Know Thyself” (and use that knowledge for change in the future!)

Now, please don’t misunderstand me. I do not mean to imply that we shouldn’t always strive to know ourselves. Yes, I really believe the old Socrates statement of, “Know Thyself.” (Note: This quote is actually given to us by Plato, since Socrates did not write anything down. Also, it may not be an original by Socrates, since some say the statement predates him.)

If we truly adhere to the statement of “Know Thyself,” then let it be known that we are people who focus on the incredible growth and great changes we see in our future.

Of course, we should be grounded in the reality of the present along with the realization of our past. Both, the past and present, are knowable from experience. The future is where we can take that experience and mold it into what we want to become. As we think of our future with its growth and change, we are able to motivate ourselves toward positive growth and positive change.

I’m visualizing me!

I often hear statements like, “seeing is believing,” or “I’m a visual learner.” I think these statements are indications of how we learn and therefore, change. Visualization is a powerful technique to help us change. Athletes have been using visualization to help them with their sport performances. Visualization can help with “realization” in the present and future!

I have written about using visualization in some of my past posts. If you would like to read more about the use of visualization, please click on any of the following titles, “Is Affirmation A Tool You Use?,” “Can You Imagine Not Having An Imagination?,” “What Is ‘Addictionial?’,” and “To Change Everything, Simply Change …

In order for us to focus on what tomorrow¬†can be, we need to visualize that future. Of course, there is always a chance that we will experience a great and good change without having visualized it before. But, isn’t this the same as going for a random walk and hoping we end up at a our friend’s house?

Generally, we have a better chance of arriving at our friend’s house if we have previously planned or visualized the best route to the house. Random walks can be good for our health, but not good for arriving at a specific destination. If we would like for our future to consist of positive growth and change, then visualizing the best route to that future gives us a much better chance of getting there.

I’m visualizing my present in my future:-)

Besides helping ourselves, I think we can also help those people who are touched by our lives. We can help them visualize a new and better future. We can help give them a mental picture that illustrates all they can do and become. We can let them know we believe in their abilities. We can help them become better today than they were yesterday and visualize how they will be greater tomorrow.

When should you consider what you aren’t? When you are thinking about the who and what you want to be in the future.

I visualize a future with a “present” comment from you. :-)

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