Is It More Stressful To Become A Better Person?

Visualize Paris in Las Vegas! Is it better? :-)

Do you strive to become a better person? If so, then do you have more stress because you are trying to improve?

When you are attempting to become a better person, you undoubtedly will try to behave differently. Whenever you act differently than you really believe yourself to be, you automatically produce more stress.

It really doesn’t matter whether or not your new way of behaving is better or worse than the old, you can still generate more stress. Anything that is significantly different can produce stress. So, if you think you need to become a better person, which will require you to act differently, then how will you change without stressing yourself?

I’m having a ball as I change for the better. :-)

I, personally, have changed in the past by just throwing myself into a situation where I would act differently than before and then would continue with this different behavior until it became a comfortable and consistent form of behavior. For example, when I was younger, I was an extremely bad sore loser. No matter what type of contest or game I participated in, I would be angry, sullen and revengeful any time I would lose. I was a sore loser! I later changed that behavior by literally throwing myself into losing situations and denying myself any expression of anger and/or revenge. Eventually, I became comfortable not being a sore loser. This was stressful, difficult and good. But, is there a better way?

I have written quite a few posts where I discuss the power of visualization. The most recent was entitled, When Should You Consider What You Aren’t? To visit the post, please click on the title. In that post I discussed how visualization can help us make the future what we would like for it to be.

Visualization can also help us become better people. In other words, it can help make our future self what we want it to be. In my previous example of changing the habit of being a sore loser, I did not use visualization, but instead, I got rid of the bad habit by using a visionless method of brute force. As mentioned before, it was difficult and stressful.

I have a lot of “change stress” that I can’t visualize!

A better and often less stressful way of changing behavior is to change the mental picture you have of yourself. Visualize by rehearsing in your mind the way you see yourself acting in the new and better you. Do this over and over again, without worrying or stressing over it. Simply imagine, visualize and rehearse the new you in your head. Soon it won’t feel like a new behavior, but instead something that you are very familiar with. It will feel like something that you routinely do.

If you use visualization to help you become a better person, then it won’t seem like such a big change. This is because you have already made it a routine part of your life. The only stress remaining is from the excitement you have from being the new and changed you. No stress from the anxiety of change! Wow!

So, is it more stressful to become a better person? Not necessarily – at least, that is the way I visualize it.:-)

I am visualizing a comment from you. :-)

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  1. Can’t have you visualizing comments withoug leaving one! Enjoyed your post. That stress thing, ouch.


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