What’s “Tugging” At You From The Future?

Where is the “tug” coming from?

Do you feel anything from the future pulling you? Perhaps, a little tug is felt when you celebrate a birthday. Of course, that “tug” may be from the past.:-) Maybe, there’s a yearning for a vacation when you see pictures of your ideal vacation spot.

This hug is a tug from the past! :-)

Most of us are not at the place in our lives where we can, nor should, say that we have accomplished everything we want to accomplish. What about the tug you feel when you think about the goals you still want to reach? Perhaps, you are a person who has no goals? If you are, are you a person who doesn’t want to enjoy success? Are you a person who has an unfulfilled life?

Ok, my intention is not to insult and/or hurt anyone with the previous questions. I would like for you to consider how you feel about where your life is headed. It’s important for us to think in terms of purpose. In order to do that, I think we should have goals. For us to grow in a positive manner, we need goals. For us to change, especially for the better, we need to have goals. I think when we focus on our purpose and goals, we feel a “tug from the future.” In a certain sense, we can relate it directly to our conscience.

Perhaps, as you read this, you’re thinking that goals aren’t important. Consider the following example. Let’s pretend you want to get a job someplace far away from where you are living. You walk or drive to the local train station, go to the ticket counter and asked the person behind the counter for a train ticket. The person would obviously ask, “Where do you want to go?” Suppose you respond with, “I don’t know, just sell me a ticket to somewhere!” My guess is you wouldn’t get a ticket. You see, if you don’t know where you are going, any train track will take you there. If you shoot for NOTHING in life, then you will hit it with amazing accuracy! Goals are absolutely essential in life. They are the things that you should feel tugging at you from the future.

I feel a strong tug from the future!

Ok, so what’s tugging at you from the future?  I can imagine many possibilities. Maybe it’s a “worry” that you have about what you are afraid will happen. Maybe it’s a responsibility that you feel is extremely difficult to live up to. Maybe it’s a health problem that will have to be taken care of. Maybe it’s … I don’t want to imply that these before-mentioned future concerns aren’t worthy of tugging at you, but I think that more importantly, your goals are paramount and should take precedence over them.

I believe that having goals is absolutely essential to our existence. A well-known quote from Buddha that comes to mind at this time is, “We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. I, like Buddha, think we become what we think. If I think with goals in mind, I have a better chance of becoming what my goals dictate. If I think with purpose in mind, I have a better chance of realizing my purpose.

We should intentionally think about how we want our lives to be. If we don’t, we will repeat the past over and over and over … with only small variations, but always with the same theme. Our lives end up in our own individual ruts with each of us wishing it wasn’t so. We should establish a clear vision of what we want to happen, develop goals to realize that vision and let the “tugging from the future” takeover! Do you feel any strong tugs from the future?

Is a future comment tugging you? If so, get rid of the tug and share your comment. :-)

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