How Big Is Your Bucket?

Is your bucket big enough to hold all of you? :-)

So, just how big is your bucket? Now, I hope you aren’t thinking I’m asking an inappropriate question. No, I’m not asking, “How big is your derrière?” :-) Please read on.

A rabbit bucket!

I was surfing and searching the internet recently, when I came across a site that pictured different buckets.  Some were regular shaped, like a frustum of a cone, while others were more exotic, like the shape of a rabbit. Some were big and some were small, but all were buckets designed to hold “stuff.” I also saw some machine buckets, that by design, were altogether different in look and shape from the first ones I mentioned.

Excavator (machine) Bucket

As I looked at the pictures of the buckets, I began thinking about how we are like buckets. As I see it, human-life comes in all shapes and sizes. If we metaphorically think of a life being whatever will fit in a bucket, then I think we have an excellent way of viewing the human potential.

Let’s think of the bucket as our collection of beliefs, expectations, and thoughts about ourselves and the world around us. How big is that bucket? What shape is that bucket?  Who determines the size of your bucket? Are you restricted by staying in the same size bucket? Did your parents, teachers, clergy, etc. give you your bucket? Does your bucket have a hole-in-it ☺ and therefore, you’re leaking (leaving your bucket)?

Is your bucket the shape of a heart?

Continuing with the bucket metaphor, most of us started out with a bucket that was given to us by our parents. Most likely, it was a small and manageable bucket that allowed you to grow in a safe environment. Later, as you became educated and reached matureness, you found your own bucket. What is the shape and size of this new bucket that you are responsible for choosing? Of course, what I’m really asking is, “what is the ‘shape and size’ of your beliefs, expectations, and thoughts about yourself and the world around you?” You see, your life is determined by the shape and size of the bucket (beliefs, expectations, and thoughts) that holds it.

If your life is going to grow to its fullest potential, then you must leave the bucket your parents, teachers, etc. gave you and find one that allows you to grow without their limits. As a child, you were most likely forced to conform so that you would fit into the bucket (beliefs, etc.) that caring adults gave you. When you are an adult, you need to find a bucket with the size and shape that will hold your childhood bucket and still allows you to realize your potential.

Buckets come in a all sizes!

So, take a look at your beliefs, expectations and thoughts. Where did they come from? How are they limiting you? If they came from your childhood bucket, then perhaps you’re still thinking like a child. That’s not necessarily wrong, but you’re most likely not giving yourself the best chance of growing a bigger mind and spirit.

How big is your bucket? Hopefully, it’s much bigger and better than your childhood bucket.

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