Can I NOT Imagine?

I can’t imagine; I can only dream! :-)

Do you have an imaginationOf course you do! Isn’t an imagination as fundamental to a human-being as breathing? How could we possibly do any planning without using our imaginations? How could we think about the future without using our imaginations?

Should I use my imagination to help me learn?

We use our imaginations regularly and often times, subconsciously. We sometimes refer to imagination by other names that describe the “kind of imagining” we are doing, such as: day-dreaming, wondering, visualizing, imaging, picturing, supposing, etc…. Imagining is just as much a part of life for humans-beings as is breathing. Simply stated, it’s a human characteristic.

Can I not imagine? As I think about answering the question, I’m imagining. Well, I guess I’ve just answer the question by explaining what I must do in order to answer the question. :-) Can I not imagine? NO!

So, how do you use your imagination? Are you using it to help you get the results you want in the future? If not, why not? I think we should use an active imagination to help us live a fulfilling and complete life.

Should we use dice instead of our imagination?

Imagining or visualizing the future we want, helps us set a life journey that leads down the path of our desired future. Otherwise, we end up at the mercy of luck or chance. I don’t know about you, but I’m not very lucky when it comes to life endeavors involving chance.

What about this question? “Can you imagine not having an imagination?” Of course not. If you imagine, then you have an imagination. If you don’t have an imagination, then you can’t imagine and you aren’t human! The question we should be asking ourselves is: “How can we use our imagination to help us get the results we want for our future?”

High-performance athletes often imagine the outcome before their performance.

High-performance athletes have been using this (imagination/visualization) for a long time. They often imagine or visualize the result they desire before attempting it. This, of course, is not only for athletes. If anyone wants to improve, in any endeavor, then using the imagination to visualize the outcome is a proven approach to increasing the rate of success. Visualization techniques are not hard to learn. In fact, you already use them when you use your imagination. The important thing is to have conscious control over your imagination and visualization.

If you’re interested in learning more about visualization techniques, here are two links to websites that might be helpful.

☯ Meditation Visualization Techniques

☀ Visualization exercises to help you become better at visualizing your goals and dreams.

When I try to imagine that I can’t imagine, I “see” (or imagine:-) a confused and mindless person. What do you “see” when you try to imagine that you can’t imagine?


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