What Does E = mc² Have To Do With Medicine?

To begin the quest of answering the question, “What does e = mc², have to do with medicine?”, I’ll, firstly, refer to a dictionary and consider the definition of medicine. From the definition, in my dictionary, I find many different meanings of the word medicine. For example, a meaning of the word “medicine” that I’m not interested in is: “Something that serves as a remedy or corrective i.e., medicine for rebuilding the economy; measures that were harsh medicine.” But, the most used form of the word is exactly what I have in mind.

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What Are The Most Important Questions Facing Humankind?

Once Albert Einstein was asked, “What is the most important question facing humankind?” Einstein responded by asking the question: “Is the universe a friendly place?”

Hmm…, I think the answer to Einstein’s question is yes.

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