Why R2

OK, I have been asked about the name of this blog – R2. One person suggested that it must have something to do with linear regression.¬†Another thought I was tying in my DNA or RNA or something like that, to the weblog. And another thought that since, in a previous profession I taught math, that the name has something to do with “algebraic reasoning.” ¬†Well, that thought is partially correct.

My name, Ron Rogers, has as first initials R & R. I wanted this blog to be something that I produced (a product) and since when you multiply quantities together, the result is called a product, I thought that R2 (R squared), the product of R & R, would be an appropriate name.

I must admit, in all fairness, that the name was suggested by my friend who has her own business and blog. I thank her for that and I think it reflects her insightfulness regarding her business.

What’s in a name? Good question!

What do you think?


7 Comments on “Why R2”

  1. I was hoping to find out your feelings about the expressionist exhibit. I think it would be interesting to see how your background in math or the characteristics of your personality which influenced you to go into math influenced your reaction to what appears to be such an unstructured approach to art. Have you talked to your friend Tim about it?
    I enjoyed reading your site. It takes guts to expose yourself to public critique.


  2. Missy is a good friend that is wondering what Tim thinks of the art created by Pollock, de Kooning, etc.


  3. Both Jackson Pollock and William de Kooning were the first to get attention splashing paint in a semi-controlled way, opening up freedom and ideas for many.

    When I look at their work I see the act of it being done, not so much the end result.

    It’s just stuff for ideas to me. I see a joy and freedom in the doing.

    I can’t say I want it on my wall or not. It’s kind of old stuff now.

    I just feel my work has benefited from seeing theirs.


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