What Or Where Is Your Dream Place?

R2's Dream Place

R2’s Dream Place

Let’s start this out with a dream. If you could live and play in an environment that was your perfect “dream place,” what would it be? What kind of place or environment would allow you to be the best person you could be? OK, take a few minutes out of your busy life and DREAM!

Have you done it? That is, have you completed your dream? I didn’t ask if you accomplished your dream – only, did you actually dream it? :-)

Let’s assume you did the dreaming – so, where was it? Were you in the middle of a meadow that looked like an impressionist’s painting? Were you in the middle of downtown Chicago? Were you on top of a cliff overlooking an ocean that looked like it went on forever? Maybe you dreamt you were in another country. The possible places are only limited by our imaginations.

What was the decor like in your dream? If your dream took you to the woods, was the decor rustic or traditional country? Did your dream have you in the middle of a desert or on a glacier? What did it look like around you in your dream?

Is your dream in a place that you can really visualize? Can you put yourself in the life of your dream and know what it feels like? Can you smell it? Can you taste it? In other words, can you “sense” it? I ask these questions because, I think if you don’t have clarity regarding what your ideal environment is like, then you most likely will not be able to create it. Think about it, what are the chances of a painter creating a picture of a vase of flowers, without first, having a vision or dream of what it should look like? Slim to none, I think.

Before our mind can give us what we want, we must have a clear and strong idea of what that is. We must give strong, vivid and frequent visualizations of our ideal/dream place to our mind before our mind will be able to focus on it. And if you are going to dream, then make your dream as “big” as you can. Big dreams and small dreams take the same amount of mental time. At my age and experience, I have known many who have realized their “dreams.” But, what were their dreams? One of my friend’s dream was to retire and do nothing. Well, he retired and did nothing and now is tired of doing nothing. The point here is to illustrate that we must be careful of our dreams and whether they are really dreams for making our life better or just escaping our current, but temporary hectic life.

Perhaps, the most important lesson from not dreaming is the old, “stopping before you start syndrome.” Don’t quit before you start or when the going gets tough. Of course, quit if you aren’t willing to ask for help. Quit if you don’t believe you can. Quit if you don’t think you deserve it. Quit if you think others are better than you. Quit if ……………..

Don’t quit — believe you can! After all, it’s only a dream. :-)

So, what or where is your dream place? Now that you have dreamt it, start working toward realizing it.

I’m dreaming about your comments. :-)

It starts with a dream!

It starts with a dream!


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