What Is Your Life Strategy?

life strat.

Do you have a picture of your life strategy? The “picture” should be your vision for your life.

Can you demonstrate a process for your life?

Not a plan for your life but a process for your life. More than goals. Goals are like small steps on the marathon walking journey of life. Your life strategy is the process you use to continue your journey of life.

Do you know what your life strategy is? 

Not your life plan. A plan gives you the route of your journey and that is valuable but not flexible enough. Often, due to unforseen future variables, the route must change.

What strategy are you using to make your journey what you want it to be? 

Our values, our desires, our strengths, our weaknesses – ourselves should be part of our picture of life strategy. The strategy should help shape our values, strengths, etc. Perhaps your strategy uses your religion, politics, education, friends, family and past in various proportions as its guiding principles. In fact, it would be difficult to not use them to some degree. But how do you use them?

The picture of your life strategy is more like an impressionist picture than a clear photograph. It will always contain a certain amount of “fuzziness.” This is because your life strategy picture is static due to the nature of life itself. Life depends on change. Learning depends on change. The nature of life and learning forces us to have a fuzzy picture of our life strategy but at same time, we still need a good picture in order to have a fulfilling life.

A good picture, but a fuzzy one? Yes, a good impressionistic picture that when looking at an individual spot, all you see is a “point of color” that refuses to reflect the whole. Upon looking at the whole, we see the picture for what it is, but at the same time we must accept its “fuzziness.” Though fuzzy, it still can be a work of art that displays a strategy for a good life.

Life - A Little Fuzzy!

Life – A Little Fuzzy!


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