Is A Picture Worth A Thousand Words?

I’m sure you have heard the adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” I have provided six pictures below. If each picture is worth a thousand words, then this posting is over six-thousand words long and is the biggest one I have posted since I started blogging. Most of my posts are around 500 words; this post is more than ten times my average AND is shorter than most. :-)

Genuine Grasshopper

Is The “Bug” Holding A “Non-Bug” Or A “Non-Bug” Holding A “Bug?”

What is the “1,000 word” picture above all about? Is it true that the grasshopper is 3 feet long? Actually, it is an example of “trick photography” circa 1930.


Is This A “Bug?” (Mandelbrot Set)

The above picture is not of a bug, but instead is generated by “iterating” a simple formula. It’s called the Mandelbrot Set.

NOTE: If you “click” on the following four pictures, they should each open in a different window and appear larger.

"Natural" Water Beauty (Green Bay, Lake Michigan)

“Natural” Water Beauty (Green Bay, Lake Michigan)

This picture was taken while boating in the upper Green Bay of Lake Michigan. When I took the picture, I couldn’t help but imagine early explorers viewing the caves and wondering who or what lives in them.


“Un-natural” Water Beauty (City Garden, St. Louis)

The above picture was taken in City Garden, at night, after leaving a Cardinal baseball game in downtown St. Louis. The water fountain is lighted and constantly shoots streams of water at different heights. I have a set of “day-time” pictures of City Garden on my website. Please click here to see them.


A View Of The Sky From “Country” Earth (Door County, Wisconsin)

In upper Door County, Wisconsin,  junipers grow wild and like weeds. If left undisturbed, they will overtake almost any open area.


A View Of “City” Earth From The Sky (Moonrise Hotel)

This view is from a new boutique hotel near the western city limits of St. Louis. It is called the Moonrise Hotel and the picture was taken while on the rooftop terrace of the hotel where there is an outdoor bar and lounge area. The buildings near the skyline are in downtown St. Louis where the Gateway Arch (you most likely can’t see it in this small photo) is positioned to the right of the two radio towers.

Is a picture worth a thousand words?  I doubt if these are, but if they are each worth only 15 words, then this post has over 500 words in it. That is my goal for most of my postings. Yea! I reached my goal. :-)

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