When Given A Choice, Why Not Use A Great Idea?

Is this a great idea? It’s an artist’s conception of spacecraft dropping from orbit above large crater to survey Mars by balloon (fore), re various IDEAS for future sample-return missions to the Red Planet. Date taken: 1996, Photographer: Craig Attebery

Since this is New Year’s Eve and many of us will be trying to make “New Year” changes in our lives, I thought it would be appropriate to present a post on ideas. If we are going to change, we will need ideas about what and how to change. Perhaps one of the following “great ideas” will serve you well.

I have a great idea!


I have come across many great ideas during my lifetime. A few days ago, I decided to write down some of the best ones that I can remember. In fact, many of my posts start, in my mind, as a single idea. Some of those ideas are, in my opinion, “great ideas.”

Let me emphasize that these great ideas are not, necessarily, originally created by me. I have the luxury of having lived for many years and have read about, heard and/or seen ideas that have stood the “test of time.” The great ideas that I wrote down are given below in bold print.

Here is the first idea that I wrote down.

Change will happen if we act and understand that we can create our future. I have done some posts on change, the most recent was entitled, “Should” You “Want” To Change?. You may visit the post by clicking on the title.

The idea, given in the previous paragraph, is not only great, but it also encompasses most aspects of life. In other words, it is a great idea that can be used in many different times and circumstances of our lives.

Many great ideas are global ideas.

There are also some great ideas that are short and not as encompassing as the previous one. These short and great ideas are ones that I think we should keep in the back of our minds and ready for use when appropriate. Here are three examples of short great ideas:

1) Keep it simple. This idea is often written using the letters KISS. Some say that it is the acronym: K(eep) I(t) S(imple) S(tupid). I prefer to think of it as: K(eep) I(t) S(imple) S(martie) :-)

2) Get a second opinion. This idea can be used in many different ways. When we are buying, learning, problem-solving, decorating, building, creating, cooking, playing, etc., we often will benefit from getting a second opinion.

3) Talk to yourself about it. I know that many people say you shouldn’t talk to yourself. Why is that? I’m not implying that we should carry on a loud conversation with ourselves. But, talking ourselves through complicated or confusing dilemmas is a powerful way of keeping our mind actively engaged and focused. I think it is a great idea that is very much underused.

My great idea is a bright idea!

Ok, so we have great ideas that are powerful and encompassing, and we have great ideas that are short appropriate thoughts that are to be kept in the back of our minds and ready for use as needed.

Powerful and encompassing or short and appropriate; why separate them?

Good question! A great idea is just that, a great idea. I’m not going to categorize them. Now that I think of it, categorizing them was not a great idea! :-)

Here are the rest of the great ideas I wrote down, each with a brief comment. Please peruse and use!

Focus on your strengths – use them as much as you can and expect them to grow.

Reason it out – trust reason and its potential to solve problems.

Keep it clean – clean is not a dirty word ;-), clean is almost always better.

Procrastination does not exist – the only thing related to procrastination that exists is our passive choice to do nothing.

Make examples – examples help us clarify our thinking.

Refuse to quit – too often we give up and use excuses for reasons.

Consider another time – we often determine the time that causes us stress; change the time.

Different viewpoint – this helps us bring empathy to our thinking. I’ve done two posts on empathy. Click (1) and/or (2) to view.

My idea is GREAT, and now I’m AWAKE!

Becoming your best self is a choice you make – this appropriately assigns the responsibility of “becoming” and what you are becoming is often more important than what you are accomplishing.

Believe in the importance of your ideas and your ability to make them real – this enables you to believe in yourself; it helps with self-esteem and self-worth.

This last great idea brings us “full circle.” We need to believe in the importance of great ideas in order for them to be great. We should get rid of ideas that are keeping us from realizing our true potential. Never be afraid to take a great idea and outwardly declare, “I have a great idea!”

Treat great ideas like you treat your beliefs – proudly make them yours!

I’m looking forward to reading about some of your ideas. I think that would be GREAT! :-)

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