What Is The Meaning Of Life?

What is the meaning of life? Now, that is A QUESTION! Indeed, it’s the ultimate question; it’s the question that is often considered most fundamental to all living beings.

So, do any of us have the answer to, “What is the meaning of life?” How would you answer the question?

The meaning of life is…

Perhaps, you might say, “The meaning of life is to glorify God?” I know many people feel that their sole purpose in life is to glorify God or to fulfill God’s purpose. That often is their meaning of life. Others have stated that their purpose, or meaning of life, is to love their neighbors as they love themselves. And, some claim that their meaning of life is to be the best that they can be. How can we find the answer to this baffling question, “What is the meaning of life?”

First of all, let’s all imagine answering the question, “What is the meaning of life?” How would you answer?┬áC’mon, let’s answer the question – no excuses! :-)

This is a most difficult question for me. I want to answer it, but I also feel a certain amount of apprehension.

You see, I would say that the meaning of life is everything that I experience while alive. Ok, I know that isn’t what most people would consider a reasonable answer. It’s too general? It’s doesn’t give a clear answer for everyone. Yes, but that’s the point.


Well, we will not all have, nor should we have, the same answer to, “What is the meaning of life?” Probably, considering all aspects of human existence, the only thing that is truly unique is one’s life. What is the meaning of that life? Everything!

I realize that I’m not the first to state this. Deepak Chopra argued in a similar way, when addressing life and its meaning, in his book “The Book Of Secrets.” He challenges us to look at life as beginning as a blank piece of paper that has infinite possibilities. Anything and everything can be presented on that blank piece of paper. Your life is pure potential that must be shaped into something that is what you are. Therefore, the meaning of life is “everything” that you make of it.

The beginning of my meaning of life.

Personally, I think a better metaphor, than the blank piece of paper, is a blank canvas – one that is ready for a person to paint her/his life on. The meaning of life then becomes everything that is painted on the person’s canvas of life.

If a person dies when young, then the canvas for her/him is complete, beautiful, but most likely, not as complex as the person who lives a long life. Both canvases can be filled with meaning, but one may be more complex and with more depth than the other. Each would reflect that person’s meaning of life and potentially, each could be very meaningful for all who encounter the life.

Is it possible for the meaning of life to change? Well, sort of!

You see, the meaning of life changes as the canvas of your life is erased, painted over and/or re-constructed. Sometimes, our life has a crisis that causes us to change our life. In other words, we might have to erase or “paint over” what our life had been up to that point and work toward something as basic as staying alive. That, then, is painted on our canvas and becomes part of our meaning of life.

So, what is the meaning of life? EVERYTHING!

At least, everything that is on each of our canvases of life. :-)

How about a meaningful comment? :-)

2 Comments on “What Is The Meaning Of Life?”

  1. Meaning is indeed an individual construct, imposed out our life by our mind. It is the idea of the meaning of life as something outside of us, something metaphysical, or ontologically built into us that is mistaken. But does this mean everything we do is pointless? Maybe. I recently uploaded a post on my blog regarding how we see the meaningless of life, yet then absurdly go back to living as usual, and whether this is a bad thing or not…

    I think you will find it interesting…


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