Washington, DC And Me!


I recently spent four days in Washington, DC, as a tourist, trying to understand our country from a historical and tourist point of view. My wife and I stayed in a hotel in “upper Georgetown,” used the bus, cab or walked and attempted to experience as much as we could in four days. Unfortunately, President Obama was in Europe during our visit and therefore, we had no chance to see him. We did visit the White House and saw a few pictures of the president and his family. Most of the pictures were of the inauguration.

There is so much to see in Washington, DC. We spent a morning in the Arlington National Cemetery, where we observed the changing of the guard for the Unknown Soldier. We also visited the Arlington House and saw the graves of JFK and his brother, Robert Kennedy.

We entered Washington, DC by going across the Memorial Bridge and immediately getting lost. After driving all the way to the RFK Stadium, before we realized we were lost, we then drove “across the city” to our destination of the Savoy Suites in “upper” Georgetown. We spent the rest of the day “scouting out” Georgetown and ending the day with a meal at Billy Martin’s in lower Georgetown.


Our second day was spent on the National Mall between the White House and the Capitol. We chose April 1 – 4, because it was the projected peak time for the blooming of the cherry blossoms. In other words, we were there for the “Cherry Blossom Festival.” While in the mall, we saw the World War 2 Memorial, Vietnam War Memorial, Korean War Memorial, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial and, of course, the cherry blossoms along the Tidal Basin. Late in the afternoon, we spent some time in the National Gallery of Art and the Sculpture Garden.

Our third day was spent visiting the White House, eating at Old Ebbitt Grill, visiting the Smithsonian Museum of American History and the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. That evening, we went to a restaurant near the US Mint office building. Our former neighbors and friends from St. Louis, who now live in Washington, DC, took us to the restaurant and then we visited the US Mint office building.

On our fourth and last day, we saw the National Cathedral, St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Church, Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and ate in old town of Alexandria, Virginia.

So, what does this have to do with anything? Well, I think Washington, DC is a place that has a lot of history packed into a small area. It is amazing how, from the beginning of our country to the present, so much of our American History has centered around Washington, DC. George Washington’s home in Mount Vernon is real close. Robert E. Lee’s home was in Arlington – a stone’s throw away from our capital. In fact, the Potomac River was basically the dividing line between the North and South. Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in Washington, DC. ETC………

I really want this posting to act as a virtual visit to Washington, DC  for you, the reader. Hopefully, you were able to spend some time visiting the websites.



2 Comments on “Washington, DC And Me!”

  1. A truly vibrant city, with so many things to see, history to experience and emotions to take in. My Mom talks about her time as an intern in that city during the 60’s as if it was a visit to Egypt and being able to almost rub shoulders with royalty. I don’t think she was too far off back then.

    The spectrum of emotions and historic vibe is very powerful with a city like DC, and is one of the main points of a show like Fox’ “24” using it as a canvas for this most recent season.

    Thanks for the pictures and your time to share an experience that I hope that other people have the time to take part in.



  2. Wow! I have only got two days in Washington! How on earth do I choose what not to see!! Thanks for all the information – totally fascinating.


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